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Each year The International Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards hosts an Annual Meeting in which regulators, educators, and other funeral service professionals from the United States and Canada come together to learn from experts in the regulatory community, share best practices, and collect strategies for improving regulatory practices. The Conference understands and is mindful that within regulatory organizations every expense and funding decision is an important one. In an effort to assist members in attending the meeting, The Conference Annual Meeting Justification Toolkit was developed. This multi-layered kit includes customizable documents and information to help demonstrate to boards and internal leadership the significant value your participation at the meeting will bring to your organization.


When you are compiling your proposal to the board and internal leadership, keep the following in mind:

  • Specifically highlight the benefits you will bring back to the board/organization as a return on their investment.
  • Use the information about sessions and on The Conference Annual Meeting webpage to outline some of the applicable sessions and current issues that will be featured.
  • Offer to prepare a short presentation or summary report to deliver to leadership or fellow colleagues upon your return from the meeting. This will be an opportunity for your participation to benefit your whole board or department and increase the value of your attendance.
  • Share the presentation slides and handouts with fellow regulatory colleagues. All meeting presentations are provided on The Conference website after each meeting.  This resource can be invaluable well beyond the conference dates.
  • Develop a plan for covering work responsibilities during the Annual Meeting and travel dates.  With complimentary internet access throughout the property, you can still maintain contact and check email while attending the meeting.
  • If you’re in need of training or professional development opportunities, consider attending the Board Member Training workshop catered to regulatory board members as well as regulatory staff.

Justifying, educating and reporting the knowledge gained at the Annual Meeting will show the substantial value in your attendance. Outlining the specific costs and benefits associated with the meeting and volunteering to share the benefits with your colleagues all make it easier for the board and leadership to approve.  Please feel free to reach out if The Conference can be of any more assistance in the approval process.

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