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  • NBE Study Guide

    Soft cover, spiral-bound, 168 pages. Each chapter includes professional expectations, NBE content outline, glossary, and sample questions with answer key.
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    The sample questions that appear in the NBE Study Guide are similar to the type of questions used on the NBE but are not part of the item bank from which all NBEs are constructed. The sample questions were written by qualified practitioners including, exam committee members, professional educators, and regulators.

    The sample questions that appear in the NBE Study Guide are constructed in the same manner and will give you assistance in preparing for the NBE. However, memorization of said questions will not ensure you a passing score on the NBE if you do not possess the underlying comprehension and understanding of the concepts required to work as an entry-level professional in Funeral Service.

    Please Note: No part of the materials conveyed during this study guide may be copied, downloaded, reproduced, stored, distributed, used or transferred to any individual or group, through any means, including verbally without the express, prior written consent of The Conference. Sharing this information is a violation of copyright laws and will result in legal action being taken against you.
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