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Practice Exam FAQs

-How much time is permitted for each examination?
Candidates will have one hour and 15 minutes to complete a form.

-How many forms of the exam are there?
There are two forms for the Arts section and two forms for the Science section of the PNBE, and two forms of the PSBE.

-What is the cost per form?
The cost per form is $60.

-How many times can I take the exam per registration?
The exam is a single use exam per registration ($60 per registration).

How many items are on the exam?
The forms will have 75 multiplechoice items each and will be statistically representative of the number of question in each subsection of the exam blueprint.

-Is there question carry-over between forms?
Yes, 20% of the items appear on each form.

-How long are vouchers valid for?
Vouchers are valid for one year.

-If a candidate purchases the exam, how long is their authorization valid for?
A candidate can purchase a single use, 7-day authorization.

-How will the forms be distributed?
A candidate will receive the first form at random. If a candidate has previously taken one form, they will automatically receive the second form for their next administration.

Will a score report be given at the conclusion of the exam?
At the conclusion of the practice examination, candidates will receive a score report reflecting their performance and general feedback on content areas in which candidates answered items incorrectly. This feature is designed to give candidates a clear picture of the areas of strength and weakness in preparing to take the NBE/SBE. Candidates can access their score report by clicking “view score report” in their online practice exam account dashboard.

Pearson VUE PNBE Troubleshooting FAQ

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