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Laws Exam


1. Review the appropriate LRR Candidate Handbook and The Conference Policies and Procedures carefully. As an exam candidate, you must agree to the terms and conditions.

2. Please review the LRR Frequently Asked Questions  page for answers to frequently asked questions.

3. Apply for the Laws Exam after you have reviewed the LRR Candidate Handbook. Please allow 2-3 business days for processing.

***If you are seeking ADA accommodations, please submit the ADA Accommodations Form. Please follow the instructions carefully.

4. OPTIONAL study material is available and may be ordered here: LRR Study Material. Please Note: The Conference offers limited LRR study material. You may need to contact your State Board for information on potential study material.

5. Once you have received the confirmation email from The Conference that your application has been processed, you may schedule your examination. If you would like, you may locate a test center (follow link and click on “find a test center”) ahead of time.  You may also tour a test center to familiarize yourself with the general layout of a Pearson VUE testing location.


Report A Potential Security Breach


The purpose of the Law, Rules, & Regulations (LRR) Examination is to provide official licensing agencies with an evaluation of an applicant for licensure in the understanding of that state’s laws, rules, and regulations governing and relating to the field of funeral service. Each LRR Examination given is carefully developed by state licensing boards and administered through The Conference.

Please visit the appropriate Candidate Handbook  to obtain examination details for the LRR you are taking. The LRR is a timed, multiple choice examination. Each examination does contain a minimal amount of pretest items. The pretest items are non-scored items that are being pretested for possible inclusion as a scored item on a future examination. Your performance on the pretest items will not affect your score on the examination. The pretest and scored items will be mixed together on the examination. Candidates should answer all questions. You will have three minutes to agree to a Non-Disclosure Agreement, and one hour to complete the examination. Failure to agree to the Non-Disclosure Agreement will result in forfeiture of exam; resulting in a loss of funds.

The LRR is administered through a program on networked personal computers; located at Pearson VUE professional testing facilities. This testing program will allow you to move freely through the exam, change answers, mark questions for later attention, skip questions, and review questions. Taking the examination requires little or no computer experience, and you will receive a brief tutorial to help you become comfortable with the testing equipment. The tutorial will not affect the amount of time you have to take the exam—your hour will begin when you actually start the LRR exam.