Board of Directors
Privacy Policy

Strategic Plan

The International Conference is a not-for-profit voluntary association providing examination services, information, and regulatory support to funeral service licensing boards and educators, governmental bodies and other regulatory agencies.

Vision Statement

To be the collective voice of the funeral service regulatory community and promote excellence in regulation through the sharing of best practices and the facilitation of open dialogues across all jurisdictions.

Mission Statement

To be the premier source for examination services, information and regulatory support for the death care profession by continually monitoring the regulatory environment and providing services to meet the needs of our membership.


  1. Define and enhance the identity and the role of The Conference to increase stakeholder understanding.
  2. Increase the effectiveness of The Conference through the development of the Board and staff.
  3. Enhance and expand communication to member boards, associate members, and exam candidates for understanding the purpose of The Conference.
  4. Expand and enhance The Conference member services to support the regulatory community.

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