Which Exam Do I Need?

National Board Exam (NBE)

The NBE consists of the Arts and Sciences Exams. To be eligible, candidates must graduate from an ABFSE accredited program.

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State Laws Exam (LRR)

State-specific exams on laws, rules, & regulations. Eligibility determined by state licensing board.

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State Board Exam (SBE)

The SBE consists of either the Arts or Sciences Exam. Eligibility determined by state licensing board ( MD, OK, TN, TX - school is responsible for eligibility). The SBE is NOT state-specific content.

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Other Exams

The Conference is a proud provider for specialized examinations for member jurisdictions. The Conference provides the NC Pathology Exam.

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NBE/SBE – Which Exam Do I Need?

Candidates that have graduated from an ABFSE-accredited program should take the NBE, while candidates that did not complete an ABFSE-accredited program may be eligible for the SBE depending on requirements determined by their state licensing agency.


When determining which exam you need, it’s important to note that the National and State Board Exams are developed and administered in the same manner utilizing the same exam blueprint. Because the exam blueprint and passing standard is the same, neither exam is easier or harder than the other. It is highly recommended that if you are eligible for both exams, that you take the NBE. This ensures that your scores will be accepted by all licensing agencies in the country, where as the SBE may be limited only to that state. 

Looking for an Exam?

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