The Conference had its beginning in 1903, when a group of state licensing boards came together in Denver to discuss their common problems in transporting bodies across state lines. In 1904 delegates convened for the second meeting of this organization at St. Louis and adopted the name “The Joint Conference of Embalmers’ Examining Boards and State Boards of Health” and formally organized.

In 1928 the organization began to consider the question of accrediting schools of Mortuary Science and Education, and a system of grading schools was established.

By 1934, 27 states had adopted rules and regulations that applicants for licensure had to be graduates of Conference-approved schools. In 1930 The Conference established the first National Board Examination, which was sent directly to State Boards for administration and grading.

By 1932 an Exam Committee was established to grade the exams and report the results back to the respective state boards. In 1940 the organization’s name was changed to “The Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards of the United States, Inc.” In 1997 “International” was added to the name to reflect the Canadian membership.

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