Model Document Project Overview:

Development of Model Guidelines for Disposition of Human Remains

In continuance of The Conference Model Document series, the next project will focus on the development of guidelines for the various methods of disposition of human remains. Applications are now being accepted for an ad hoc committee tasked with drafting disposition guidelines. The committee will be comprised of representatives who have experience in the disposition laws/rules of their jurisdiction and will be able to devote time and value to the project.

Building on The Conference Model Practice Act, the disposition guidelines will promote standardization of terminology and regulation to better facilitate public understanding of the profession. This resource will serve as a guideline to regulatory officials, legislatures, and members of the profession seeking to adopt or amend the laws pertaining to disposition standards.

Committee Member Description

  • Committee members will be expected to serve an 18-month commitment. 
  • Must be present for multiple conference calls and possible in-person meeting(s).
  • Self-directed individual who can work on assignments, report to group, check email frequently, and collaborate well with fellow members.
  • At least two years of regulatory and/or association leadership experience is preferred.
  • Committee members will be expected to be familiar with the disposition laws & rules within their jurisdiction and The Conference Model Documents.

Committee applications are due by Wednesday, July 14, 2021.  

Submission window to apply is now closed. Thank you.

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