Practice Exam as of March 23, 2018:

As part of your preparation to take your National Board Exam, you may want to purchase the NBE Arts or Sciences Practice Exam:

  • Provides a realistic experience of what your exam will be like
  • A 1-hour & 15 minute test that you take on your own computer
  • Single-use, 7-day authorization. (voucher rules vary)
  • 75 multiple choice questions which cover the following areas for each exam:

Arts Exam
Funeral Arranging and Directing (25-26 items)
Funeral Service Marketing/Merchandising (10-11 items)
Funeral Service Counseling (11 items)
Legal and Regulatory Compliance (18 items)
Cemetery and Crematory Operations (10 items)

Sciences Exam
Embalming (29 items)
Restorative Art (17 items)
Preparation for Disposition (15-16 items)
Funeral Service Sciences (13-14 items)

  • Two forms for each section available.
  • Questions formatted in the same way as the test you will be taking.
  • Overall percentage score provided (actual exam is not scored using percentages. NBE scored using scaled scoring).
  • General feedback provided for content areas in which items answered incorrectly.
  • Scores for each topic are provided to help you identify areas where you may need additional preparation.
Please Note: No part of the materials conveyed during this practice examination may be copied, downloaded, reproduced, stored, distributed, used or transferred to any individual or group, through any means, including verbally without the express, prior written consent of The Conference. Sharing this information is a violation of copyright laws and will result in legal action being taken against you. 

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