The candidate handbook was designed to help you register and sit for the State Board Examination. This is not a complicated process, but it is important that you follow the registration steps carefully. Missing a step or making a mistake during registration can delay your examination, or prevent you from taking it entirely. Take the time to read through the handbook before you start to register—it will make the examination process easier for you along the way. Select the below candidate handbook below and read it carefully.

SBE Candidate Handbook

SBE Arts (Funeral Directing)
Funeral Arranging and Directing 51 Items
Funeral Service Marketing/Merchandising 21 Items
Funeral Service Counseling 22 Items
Legal Regulatory Compliance 36 Items
Cemetery & Crematory Operations 20 Items

SBE Sciences (Embalmer)
Embalming 58 Items
Restorative Art 34 Items
Preparation for Disposition 31 Items
Funeral Service Sciences 27 Items

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