Model Disposition Standards Open for Public Comment

The International Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards is pleased to release Model Disposition Standards for Funeral  Service for public comment. These standards are intended to serve as a guideline for legislatures and funeral service regulators to promote clarity, uniformity and consistency in laws on the right of disposition and the licensing and regulation of individuals and facilities carryon out final disposition of human remains.


The committee appointed to draft this set of standards included regulators, practitioners, and educators from throughout the United States and Canada. It is recognized that local and regional customs and broader statutory and regulatory frameworks vary. Some parts of this document are less prescriptive than others to allow for those variations. However, to the extent that funeral service laws can be uniformly established and consistently enforced, The Conference recommends doing so.  The public is better served when it can rely on the same protections wherever they are located.  Regulators and practitioners are better able to serve the public when laws are standardized and compliance processes are well established and consistently applied.


We invite you to review the document and submit any comments for consideration via email to by January 2, 2023.


Model Disposition Standards


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