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Digital Format NBE Arts Study Guide Volume 13.  The guide can be accessed online or via the VitalSource Bookshelf app (available in app stores) and provides a convenient, interactive digital platform to assist in preparation for the NBE-Arts.


All sales are final. Digital orders cannot be returned or refunded.


Once purchased, you will be able to access the study guide from your “my account” page, or from the confirmation email. We do recommend creating a VitalSource account when prompted.


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Digital Format Arts NBE Study Guide Volume 13, offered through VitalSource Bookshelf

  • Arts only (Funeral Directing) – $50
    • Digital format only. Does NOT include physical copy.
    • All sales are final. Digital orders cannot be returned or refunded.

Each Digital Guide Contains:

  • Structure of an Item
  • Test Taking Principles
  • Helpful Resources
  • Sample Questions
  • Content Outlines
  • ABFSE Glossaries
  • Appendices provide additional information as a convenient reference


  • Download or Work Online
    (Online access version is available for five years from purchase date, download is perpetually available)
  • Bookshelf App
  • Highlight Text
  • Create Flashcards
  • Interactive Sample Questions
  • Add Notes

Please Note: No study guide can make up for information you did not learn in the classroom. The study guide is to be used to refresh, reinforce and organize knowledge that you have already learned.

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