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Model Application

2019 Model Application Review

The Conference is pleased to release a draft of The Conference Model Application. The goal of the Model Application Review Committee was to evaluate the document based on current rational regarding barriers to licensure and discretionary information. In accordance with The Conference’s mission to promote uniformity in licensure through the development of model documents, The Conference is now asking for your review of the application and comments/questions.

The Conference Model Application – DRAFT – November 2019

Please submit all feedback for committee review by December 10, 2019 to

The International Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards is pleased to introduce The Conference Model Application.

Recognizing the variety of requirements among members, the goal of the committee was to collect research and compile a universal document to be used in licensing individuals. The primary purpose of The Model Application is providing a resource for the funeral service regulatory community in requesting/requiring the disclosure of pertinent information on the application of a potential licensee.  Much like The Conference Model Practice Act, The Model Application will promote standardization of terminology and requirements which will better facilitate public understanding of the profession. Regulatory officials can review subsections which are applicable to their existing laws and rules, with the availability of unrequired information for review and consideration in the future.   Additionally, The Model Application will increase licensure portability through uniformity and consistency.

The Model Application Committee was appointed by the Board of Directors in August 2015, comprised of representatives from five of The Conference’s member jurisdictions.  The committee held multiple meetings via conference call over the course of several months; the final product includes the composition of these meetings as well as research by individual committee members in the interim.  A final draft of The Conference Model Application was approved by the Committee on January 19, 2016, by the Board of Directors on  January 22, 2016, and adopted by the delegate assembly at the 112th Annual Meeting on February 24, 2016 .

The Conference Model Application includes sections on candidate identification, education, examination(s), internship, work history, prior licensing, discipline/criminal history, substance abuse/mental health, background check and attestation.  If your jurisdiction is considering amending your application form, please refer to this model for suggested questions, information, requirements and language.

The Conference Model Application