The Conference extends its heartfelt gratitude to the 23  item writing volunteers who dedicated their time and expertise to aid in the development of the National Board Exam. 


Our volunteers provided more than 300 items for future use on the NBE pending final review. Their work is invaluable to upholding The Conference’s rigorous standards regarding exam quality and integrity.  


Please join us in recognizing the following individuals and their outstanding contributions: 

  • Jonathan Acosta
  • Donna Austin
  • Rondal Bowden Jr.
  • James Chance
  • Ebone Dukes
  • Jolena Grande
  • Chivon Hassan
  • Kevin Hurt
  • Jamie Koatz
  • Janet McGee
  • Brian McMurrough
  • Michelle Olson
  • Nick Ricci
  • Ren Scherling
  • Bradley Sheppard
  • Jake Smith
  • Tyrone Speaks
  • Cassandra Springborn
  • Elizabeth Townsley
  • Lori Trudeau
  • Jodie Vogt
  • Allyse Worland
  • Navaz Jasavala

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