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Which Exam Do I Need?

National Board Exam (NBE)

-You are only eligible to take the NBE if you have graduated from an ABFSE-accredited program.

-The NBE consists of an Arts Exam and a Sciences Exam.

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State Board Exam (SBE)

-Must be made eligible by state (MD, OK, TN, TX are made eligible by school).

-There is a SBE Arts Exam and SBE Sciences Exam (depending on state).

-The SBE is NOT state-specific content.

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State Laws Exam (LRR)

-Must be made eligible by state (not applicable for TN).

-Consists of state-specific content covering laws, rules, regulations of the state.

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Other Exams

-The Conference is a proud provider for specialized examinations for member jurisdictions.

-The Conference provides the NC Pathology Examination

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