120th Annual Meeting


Welcome Letters



  • Footnotes from a Retired Regulator – Jennifer Kandt
  • Innovations in Licensing – Guillermo Ortiz de Zarate
  • Federal Trade Commission – Rebecca Plett
  • Universal Licensing, Portability, & Other Unicorns – Dale Atkinson
  • Exam Integrity – Why it Matters – Matt Mudd
  • What’s Next? A Discussion About the Future of Funeral Service Licensure – Jolena Grande, Rick Little, & Natasha Culbertson
  • Top Regulatory Cases – Dale Atkinson
  • The Consensual Donation & Research Integrity Act & Other Legislation – Lesley Witter
  • Catching Up With The Conference – Dustin Wardlow, Allie Sparkman, Anna Scott McClendon, & Andrew Joseph
  • Professional Standards & Licensure – Everybody gets a trophy? – Mark Ransford

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